A bespoke fabric resistance band that helps guide your form while doing various exercises, especially to get those glutes firing! Perfect for home workouts, as well as taking to classes.
Keep yourself safe with your own equipment.

Designed with non-slip technology inside to ensure comfort and function, no more slipping, twisting or pinching as with the rubber bands during your workout! A minimalist pattern in super stylish white marble, black marble and a splash of colour with the water colour teal, these provide a truly unique look.

Available in low and medium resistance. Initially tough to start they will give during the first
few sessions, these have been made to last!

£12.99 (£1.99 postage)

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These beautiful mats need no filter!! You have the choice of two stunning patterns, turquoise marble and black marble. Made of 100% natural rubber and topped with the most luxurious microfibre suede that is super soft to the touch, this is also anti-slip so will stop your hands and feet slipping during your workouts.

This is your forever mat, gone are the days of cheap slippy mats that don’t stay still or lay flat! 

These can be taken to classes with you as well as home workouts. Ensure you are continuing to protect yourself from covid-19. Mats can be washed and hung out to dry to ensure the best hygiene and freshness!!

£40.00  (£11.99 postage)

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