Be Ironman Ready



West Wales sports injuries is offering athletes a bespoke treatment package specifically for Ironman competitors.


The package offers 10 tailored treatment sessions that can be used during the many
months of training leading up to the big event plus 2 treatments pre and post event!

Focus of the class is on Pilates movements with a rehabilitation aspect to help build your body from the inside out, improve your posture, engage your core properly, working on flexibility and strength while connecting

with your breath.

The following skills/treatment that will be available to the athletes:

Injury Diagnosis
Injury Rehabilitation
Dry needling
Spinal and joint mobilization
Kinesio Taping
Sports Massage
Myofacial release

Each session will be personalised to your specific needs. A brief chat on how training is progressing and how you are feeling physically will lead to a decision on what will benefit you that day. It may be a combination of any treatments or just one alone.

The time between each treatment is for you to decide, you can have monthly treatment for any injury to be looked at and rehab exercises put in place to avoid missing out on the event due to leaving it to late to treat/correct. Or you can choose to use the sessions pre/post build up events such as long course weekend or broad haven Tri to name a couple.

If you are lucky enough to be injury free then use the treatments to have a full body massage to loosen off tired aching muscles from the vigorous training demands put on your body.
As and when injuries or niggles arise during training the treatments can be used weekly or as often as needed to get you back in the pool or on the road.

The Ironman package also includes two extra race weekend treatments. Pre-event day a final treatment will loosen any tight muscles, tape up any injury and mentally prepare yourself for the challenge ahead.
Post-event at anytime you wish, either the following day or the following week, you can come in for a full body massage and a patch up of any injuries to help aid your recovery after the hard work!

A take home information pack is also provided to all athletes, this provides advise and tips on home management of injuries, stretching, icing, foam rolling etc.